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content rewriting serviceA paragraph is a combination of words and sentences that make up a complete idea and sense for online readers. Excellent content is dependent on the ability of a content writing service provider to put together sentences that make a unique paragraph for websites, articles & blogs, etc. A content paraphrase is more of a skill than just the act of developing writing contents for websites, blogs, forum post, research papers and other editing content.

Content writing involves a craft better understood and appreciated by online article rewriter. Whether paraphrasing just a few words, sentences, paragraphs or an entire article the procedure remains the same.  To rewrite content involves re-wording or representing a written content in a way that makes it more professional or original. When online readers visit different sites, they are seeking qualitative information. Readers are more interested in authentic content, and it takes quite a lot of research and expertise for website writing.

Content writing service is a function provided by content writing firms. Writing for the web, there are diverse content writing service outfits providing specialized services amidst others with general content writing service. For a professional website content writer, it takes painstaking effort to create an excellent SEO content writing always.

Figures on Website Rewriting vs. Plagiarism

Survey findings by the Donald McCabe, Rutgers University from 2002 – 2005 indicate that:

  • 36% copied internet sources without annotation.
  • 38% copied textbooks without acknowledging the authors.
  • 14% of high school students falsified references and bibliography in their assignments.
  • 7% of high school students copied ‘word for word’ textbooks and other written materials without proper referencing or citation.
  • 7% of graduate students admit submitting other student’s work as theirs.
  • Over 60,000 students within a 4-year period were caught cheating.
  • About 12,000 students had marks deducted for cheating.
  • Four hundred students were expelled for cheating.
  • One out of about 30 students is said to be involved in plagiarism.
  • Turnitin indicates that though with a drop in plagiarism by 8%, over 45% of submitted essays contain one form of plagiarism.

Facts about Content Paraphrase

  • To paraphrase is to say it in a different way.
  • Paraphrasing content is a positive way to make use of other people’s content without necessarily copying their work directly.
  • Paraphrasing should center on using the central idea or line of thought in a written content in creating your own content such that it is original and not a copy and paste content.
  • It is ok to paraphrase by replacing key points or words with words that are synonymous in a sentence, paragraph or essay.
  • Using lengthy quotation by another author without proper citation could be termed plagiarism.
  • Using a content written by you without properly citing it could be known as self-plagiarism.

About Content Writing Company

paragraphWe are a flagship content writing company providing professional writing service for a wide variety of clients. We are armed with some of the best online article rewriters and offer top-notch content writing service to our customers and their online readers. If you still want to rewrite content in the best way then we are here to help.

To enjoy proficient and authentic content writing service count on us for your content writing needs today. Our principal services include:

  • Paraphrasing – when we paraphrase, we initiate excellent and world-class literature to suit your audience needs. What you get from us is fresh content, well written and current, not stolen or duplicated.
  • Proofreading – we affirm that it requires a lot of effort to eliminate and ensure all unwanted materials go away from your writing content. Let’s take up the responsibility of packaging and fulfilling your error-free writing content to serve your project purpose whether online or offline.
  • Formatting – let’s get your page formatted, looking more professional and at its best. Let’s help you ensure your work is well arranged based on international standards and in helping you meet best practices in your industry. Get the right style, font, color, pagination with the right margins, appropriate titles and sub-titles that make your work impressionistic.
  • Writing – with our team of well-trained staff across all disciplines and niches, we guarantee the best help with your content writing service. Our team of native English writers is available to bring in hands-on experience to your project, meeting internationally acceptable standards.
  • Editing – when we edit, we are conscious that a work riddled with errors, grammatical issues and more can hurt not only your company or product image but also make it hard to comprehend the message. So, we make it a point of duty to carefully check through your writing content to eliminate all likely editing issues to the point of near-perfection. Our editing service helps ensure a sequential or chronological presentation of ideas and thoughts within an essay or online writing content. We ensure that your writing content flows naturally with punctuation marks placed at their appropriate location within the write-up.
  • Research advice – research is very vital to both the business world. Online content depends massively on research and surveys in packaging its message and understanding what the audience has to say about any writing content. Let’s help guide your research effort by providing helpful tips to your success. Our team of experts include research professionals and fellows with cognate experience in field analysis, research advisory service, market survey, consumer behavior and report writing. And so, for your journals, research advice, articles & blog writing, business report, we offer expert advice with special offers when you place your order now!

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