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content editingEditing a written content is an important part that helps in ensuring a written document comes out at its best. It helps in removing all unwanted materials and presenting the work in an acceptable standard. Online content rewriting is the way to go when seeking fast, reliable and efficient content for your website, blogs, forum posts, and others. Website paraphrasing sample provides you with access to your own unique content on a wide variety of topics.

To paraphrase involves rewriting another person’s content in a new format without losing the line of thought but making it uniquely yours. Website paraphrasing skill, for instance, helps you in editing a website content to make it unique.

Steps on How to Paraphrase Your Content with Our Website Paraphrasing Example

Learning how to paraphrase a writing content is a skill that requires understanding how it works and then practices. However, here are examples of paraphrasing steps to follow in rewriting content:

  • Read through the original content several times. First, you need to read through the original content for clarity and understanding. It is best you read through the content twice or thrice for better understanding.
  • Identify the key line of thought. Understand the author’s point of view and intentions as conveyed in the text to be paraphrased. With a clear understanding of the author’s line of thought, it becomes easier for you to rewrite in your own words. It helps you keep the point of view while using similar or your own words to convey the message.
  • Identify the key components. Any good writing content must have a subject and an object. That’s what helps to create a pattern for the content to be meaningful and appreciated. You must spot the subject and the object of the writing content. And then present it.
  • Identify the keywords. Take note or underline the keywords if necessary. Then look for synonymous words or group of words/phrases that can convey the same message. Such words or phrases must not water down or exaggerate the meaning but even say it better.
  • Create a perspective for your content. Determine the angle at which to approach the writing content from that would help say it better.
  • Paraphrasing content. Start rewriting the content. There is never the best time to start writing so get started. You can’t get it right just once until you put something down. You might need to rewrite it two or three times to get it right. Also, proofread and edit for errors.

Here Are Some Content Paraphrase Samples

Original content: Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc on Houston Texas
The many tales of woes left behind by the devastation due to Hurricane Harvey on Houston Texas will not be forgotten in a hurry.
With over 30 confirmed dead and hundreds without flood insurance currently living in relief shelters across the states, Houston Texas has become a city underwater with grave implications for the nearest future.
The impact of the hurricane stretches from Houston areas to Louisiana with an average rainfall of about 50 inches in some areas.

Rewritten content: 30 die as Hurricane Harvey brings Houston Texas under water
No fewer than 30 residents of Houston Texas have been confirmed dead in the wake of last week’s outbreak of Hurricane Harvey.
With rains reaching as much as 50 inches the Houston Texas areas and parts of Louisiana have been brought under water.
As Texas becomes a city underwater with so much devastation to properties and livelihood it calls for a holistic re-appraisal of emergency response issues by the Donald Trump’s administration.

Website Rewriting Sample: Expert Tips for Developing Outstanding Website Content

  • Be your first critic – join the fight against plagiarised content by promoting originality.
  • Learn to write from your own perspective but maintain the line of thought and meaning.
  • Paraphrasing is not just changing one word for another, it is rewriting in your own format while maintaining the central theme.
  • Do not keep looking at the original text when paraphrasing, read and then process to write from your understanding.
  • To help you, take down the keywords in the original text and write their synonyms. Afterwards, create your own content in a different structure using a summarized version of the new synonyms.
  • Always ensure to check for grammatical constructions and style when paraphrasing to be sure it fits.
  • Also, check to be sure both contents are referring to the same subject and objects.
  • Your rewritten content is most likely to have less number of words than the original text.
  • A skilled content rewriter online can develop excellent writing content for website paraphrasing, articles & blogs, forum posts, assignments, research papers, etc.

Content Paraphrasing Helps

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