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What’s Web Content Paraphrasing Service About?

paraphrasing serviceVisitors to a website are of blood to the human heart. There is no need for a website if there are no visitors to view the web content. The more appealing a website content is the more traffic of visitors it enjoys. On the other hand, web content paraphrasing service is the provision of rewording service for individuals and corporate bodies. It is the act of representing an already written content, rephrasing, rewording a scholarly work, business article or academic work online. That’s why most people need a paraphrase help if they want to succeed

When you use web content paraphrasing service, what you get is a professionally written or rewritten work. Such professional content is carefully formatted, edited and proofread in line with the expected guidelines by the instructor or author.

Statistics on web content paraphrasing. Content paraphrasing is also known as web content rewording, web content rephrasing, web content writing, content rewriting, etc. It is the process of rewriting content in your own words while maintaining the original line of thought by the authors. Let our content writing services help you today!

Based on the Josephson Institute Centre for Youth Ethics’ survey, 1/3rd of 43,000 college institution students did commit plagiarism by using internet materials for assignments without acknowledging the sources appropriately.

A survey by Donald McCabe, Rutgers University from 2002 – 2005 indicates that:

  • 14% of high school students falsified references and bibliography in their assignments.
  • 7% of high school students copied ‘word for word’ textbooks and other written materials without proper referencing or citation.

More facts:

  • 80% of college graduates cheated at least once in school.
  • Rutgers University Study indicates that of 16,000 students from 31 universities in the US, 66% of the students plagiarised at least once.
  • In Education Weekly survey report, 74% indicates participating in serious cheating or copying.

Interesting Facts on Plagiarism vs. Web Content Paraphrasing

  • Re-using your work without proper citation or referencing is plagiarism.
  • Copy and pasting another’s work does not necessarily mean it is plagiarised.
  • Submitting an original content not written by you without acknowledging the author or paraphrasing is plagiarism.
  • If you rewrite my content without making major changes you could still be guilty of plagiarism.
  • Submitting other students’ essays, term papers or assignment as your own is plagiarism.
  • Using charts, graphs and tables by others without stating the source is plagiarism.
  • Using other author’s ideas without acknowledgment is known as plagiarism.
  • Content writers fall into the plagiarism trap due to poor English writing skill.
  • Another cause of plagiarism is lack of confidence in their writing ability.

SEO Content Rewriter

trafficSEO means search engine optimizer. SEO is an attempt to use certain words or phrases at a particular volume or number in an article. That’s what SEO content rewriters do. When you rewrite content making it more professional, current and appealing it increases its potential for higher traffic. A website with higher traffic refers to a website that enjoys more visitors.

What attracts traffic or visitors to a website usually is the content of the site. In most cases, content paraphrasing help is the rewriting of content such that it attracts and retain visitors to the site. It is the duty of a good content rewriter to spurn a professionally written content meant to attract and retain the right visitors to the website.

Web Content Paraphrasing Service: For Whom?

content paraphrasing serviceWeb content writing no doubt is a skill that could be learned or developed over time. However, the fear or tediousness of the learning process has resulted in more people shying away from this. Or just maybe, content writing is not for you! Some do have the skills and training to turn even a poor content rewrite into a wonderful epistle or an audience-grabbing a piece. It takes great skills, practice and excellent craftsmanship to write a masterpiece and only a web content writing master knows how to get the job done.

If what you desire is a professionally written content devoid of errors and of international standard then we are your most reliable choice.

The Web Content Reraphrasing Service:

  • Content rewriting service

– Article rewriting

– Essay rewriting

– Text rewriting

– Paragraph rewriting

– Sentence rewriting

  • Editing service
  • Proofreading
  • Paraphrasing
  • Formatting

Our Additional Service Offerings on Web Content Rewording

What you get when you order our services include:

  • Original writing
  • Additional research/references
  • Customised formatting
  • Reasonable prices
  • Special discounts

Free giveaways and promotional offers:

  • Plagiarism report
  • Free adjustments
  • Free proofreading

Responsive customer support:

  • 24/7 customer call center with dedicated toll-free numbers
  • E-mail support services
  • 24/7 live chat support

Security and guarantee:

  • Privacy setting
  • Fast and secure payment options
  • Money back guarantee

There are a thousand and one ways to get your web content written fast and easy even using content mills. But there are limited places to get a professionally written content. You are better off in the arms of a web content paraphrasing service expert for fast, efficient and reliable content anytime. Be the first to enjoy our professional content writing service at international standards and always keep coming back.

Let’s craft that poorly written content or turn your yet to be written ideas into a world-class document now. Get web content paraphrasing now!